VDOT Local Assistance Starter Pack Available

April 25, 2017

Introduced at the 2016 Local Programs Workshop the LAP Starter Pack is now available on VDOT’s website.  While the LAP manual remains the primary resource for Locally Administered Projects, the primary goal of this “new” guide is to improve local governments understanding of the requirements associated with administering a state and / or federally funded transportation project.

The Starter Pack is coined as a “Beginners Guide to Locally Administered Projects”, and is intended to serve as a high level quick-start resource for local government staff, project managers / coordinators or others that may be new or have limited familiarity with the expectations and requirements to administer a transportation project. This compressed easy-to-read guide briefly outlines the major components of project development and delivery to assist localities in delivering successful projects both on time and on budget.

Download the LAP Starter Pack

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