VDOT Inspector Training – Fall Classes

August 29, 2017

The Community College Workforce Alliance has announced the fall training schedule for VDOT inspector training classes.  The collaboration between CCWA and VDOT will provide certification training for VDOT required inspector training classes.  The classes are available through CCWA and comply with VDOT procedures and specifications.  Additionally, all classes in this series are approved for the Workforce Credential Grant (WCG) program resulting in a cost reduction upon registration and Virginia residency confirmation.

Details and registration for these classes and other VDOT Materials Certification classes are available online at ccwatraining.org/vdot or by calling (804) 523 – 2292


SiteManager for Inspectors
This program is a common tool for managing statewide inspection, contract administration and contract payment activities, it utilizes the latest technology to
provide engineers, technicians, and construction administrators with the tools to help them effectively and efficiently manage the State’s construction program.

  • September 18-19 | Midlothian CCWA
  • December 12-13 | Daleville VA (WVCC)
  • December 19-20 | Parham CCWA

Plan Reading for Inspectors
The objective of the Plan Reading course is for the Construction Inspector to understand how to utilize VDOT standards and specifications, identify plans and
included sheets, terms and symbols, use of a scale to determine distance and lengths on a set of plans, apply basic math concepts and compute earthwork quantities from
cross-section sheets.

  • October 31 – November 2 | Midlothian CCWA
  • November 28-30 | Daleville (WVCC)

Documentation and Record Keeping for Inspectors
The objective of the Documentation & Record Keeping course is for the Construction
Inspector to understand the importance of contract documents; bid proposals and
contracts, plans, specifications, standards, overview of good documentation practices,
using math to document construction activities, and completion of inspection forms.

  • December 5-7 | Daleville (WVCC)
  • October 11-13 | Midlothian CCWA

Surveying for Inspectors
The objective of the Surveying for Inspectors course is for the Construction Inspector
to understand determination of elevation, benchmarks, sources of information, use of
field notebook, proper use and accuracy of the equipment and how to read the rod.

  • September 6-7 | Daleville (WVCC)
  • September 13-14 | Fredericksburg, (GCC)
  • September 20-21 | Charlottesville, (PVCC)
  • September 25-26 | Midlothian CCWA
  • September 27-28 | Midlothian CCWA

Structures & Bridges for Inspectors
The objective of the Structures & Bridges course is to cover the general and
critical inspection points that an Inspector needs to know to ensure that a
contractor is meeting VDOT standards and specifications requirements when
building or restoring Virginia’s Structures and Bridges.

  • October 2-6 | Daleville (VWCC)
  • October 16-20 | Midlothian CCWA

Roadway and Drainage for Inspectors
The objective of the Roadway & Drainage course is for the Construction Inspector to understand the project development process; funding and bidding, learn resources available, use of plans, specifications, standards and contract, basics of inspection for roadway construction and drainage.

  • November 7-10 | Midlothian CCWA
  • November 14-17 | Daleville (VWCC)

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