Corman Kokosing Construction Joins Kokosing

December 8, 2021

Kokosing, Inc. is excited to announce that, effective January 1, 2022, Corman Kokosing Construction Company will officially become part of the Kokosing group of companies, operating as Kokosing Industrial, Inc. for industrial and marine work and as Kokosing Construction Company, Inc. for heavy highway work.

Back in February 2018, the Burgett family, which owns Kokosing, purchased the assets of Corman Construction and began operating Corman Kokosing.  After more than three years of Corman Kokosing and Kokosing successfully working closely together, this new corporate structure will allow them to further leverage and align the strengths of Corman Kokosing and Kokosing for the benefit of clients, partners, and team members.

With the new corporate structure, there will be no change in ultimate ownership and the team members managing and building the projects will remain the same.  Kokosing will remain absolutely committed to excellence and providing the highest quality services, and the new corporate structure only furthers that commitment.

Corman Kokosing Construction Company has been a VTCA Member for almost 20 years. Join us in congratulating them on their wonderful news!

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