CEI Hourly Rate Caps, IIM-CD-2017-02.01, and CEI Classifications

December 13, 2021

Please see the revised VDOT “CEI Hourly Payrate Limitations” for Consultant Construction Engineering and Inspection (CEI) Services. For all CEI RFPs advertised after January 1, 2022, the rates in this attachment will be in effect through December 31, 2022, or until further notice. As noted in the memo, any questions regarding rate escalations should be directed towards the VDOT Professional Services Procurement Office.

Also, please note that VTCA has been in conversation with the VDOT Construction Division regarding IIM-CD-2017-02.01 and the concern on the shortage and costs of trucks in these unprecedented times. VTCA has asked for relief on (1) the 5-yr limit, (2) the reimbursement rates, as well as, (3) the flexibility to use SUVs in lieu of trucks, for a “right size approach” per assignment. VDOT understands the hardships that Industry is enduring and is willing (in the interim) to discuss items #1 and #3 on a project-by-project basis. VTCA members can contact Ben Coaker of VDOT (ben.coaker@vdot.virginia.gov, 804-371-0661) with their proposal in providing VDOT with the best trucks possible. VTCA and VDOT will continue to discuss potential rate adjustments over the coming months, so stay tuned. VDOT Central Office will be sending a similar message to District CM’s and DCE’s momentarily.

Lastly, VDOT and Industry have started the process of cross walking the legacy CEI classifications to the new streamlined PSPO 13 rate categories, as has recently persisted with the design classifications upon creation of the Professional Services Procurement Office. VTCA understands that VDOT wishes to institute a pilot program utilizing the 13 categories on future CEI RFPs, but the particular RFPs are not known at this time. As always, VTCA intends to keep you informed as we learn more.

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