Letter from Highway Commissioner Stephen Brich

March 20, 2020

The following letter is being sent today, March 20, 2020, to the VDOT contracting industry regarding the impact of COVID-19.

TO: VDOT Contracting Community:

While the current new coronavirus COVID-19 situation is dynamic and unpredictable, VDOT at this time is committed to sustaining the momentum of our construction, maintenance and consultant engineering programs. VDOT and our industry partners are emphasizing the health and safety of employees, while taking steps to minimize short and long-term impacts to the program.

VDOT staff throughout the state have a clear directive to manage and sustain project progress as effectively as possible, and they are working with project teams to implement common sense adjustments to make sure this happens. Our industry partners are likewise showing a tremendous amount of dedication and creativity to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on our projects.

How the COVID-19 pandemic will affect our business in the coming days and weeks is unknown, but we continue to move forward and will hold next week’s bid letting as scheduled. I realize that the high degree of uncertainty will impact your business decisions and assessment of risk. In preparing your bids and proposals please know that VDOT is committed to working with our partners to mitigate any potential schedule impacts from the COVID-19 situation.

These times are truly unprecedented, and I want to offer assurance that the agency staff and I understand the value of maintaining industry confidence. In these uncertain times, and those that may lie ahead, know that we are focused on maintaining a fair and equitable contracting environment for all of our business partners.

Thank you for being a strong partner as we navigate through this difficult time. Be safe and stay healthy.



Stephen C. Brich, P.E.

Commissioner of Highways


The original signed letter can be viewed online.

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