DMM Issues Second Extension for Certification Expiration Dates and First Aid Training

May 22, 2020

In response to continued COVID-19 concerns, DMM has issued their second extension for certifications and first aid training.

DMM states they will not be holding certification renewal classes for the foreseeable future. In addition to extensions previously granted, DMM has extended expiration dates of any DMM certifications that are set to expire in June, July, August and September 2020. In order to be eligible for this extension DMM must receive a completed renewal application prior to the current expiration date of the certification. Certifications will expire if DMM does not receive the renewal application by the current expiration date. Letters have been sent by DMM to individuals who’s certifications are set to expire during the above listed periods outlining this information.

Additionally, DMM has indefinitely suspended in person first aid training required for DMM Certifications. DMM will accept nationally recognized online first aid courses (e.g. National Safety Council, American Red Cross, American Heart Association, etc.) to meet the first aid training requirements for DMM Certifications. DMM normally provides first aid, CPR and AED training through National Safety Council (NSC) certified instructors using NSC guidelines, format and instructional materials. Recently the NSC has extended the expiration dates for first aid and CPR cards for 120 days. Below is the NSC language outlining this extension:

“Temporary Extension of Expiration Dates for First-Aid & CPR Completion Cards – In light of the continuing health crisis and the difficulty in providing training to individuals with current first aid and CPR cards, the NSC is extending the expiration dates of all first aid and CPR completion cards by 120 days. Ultimately, the acceptance of this extension is at the discretion of the individual employer or regulatory agency.”

DMM will resume providing all certification and first aid training when the COVID-19 crisis has eased and guidelines permit.

Please contact Jeff Stewart at DMM – 434-951-6315 or your local Area Mine Inspector if you have questions. More information can be found in the attached memorandums and at

Communications Memorandum No 3 -2020 – First Aid Training – FINAL – May 21, 2020

Communications Memorandum 02 -2020 – Mineral Mining Certification Expiration Extension 2


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