December 21, 2017

You couldn’t write a story like this…

Just a few weeks ago, the Republicans held a 66-34 majority in the Virginia House of Delegates. Then the tsunami hit. On election day, the Democrats picked up 15 seats, sending many veteran Republican legislators packing. With a 51-49 lead, Republicans seemed to hold the slightest of margins. In the 94th District, Republican Delegate David Yancey had won by just 10 votes.

Then, this week, the mandatory recount made the Democratic challenger in the 94th the winner by one vote…throwing the House of Delegate into a 50-50 tie and requiring some sort of “power sharing” arrangement. The next day, the three judge panel reviewing the recount said that one vote had been inappropriately taken from Yancey. The result…a tie.

Under Virginia law, the winner of the 94th District, and control of the House of Delegates, will rest in the “drawing of lots” by the State Election Board. Both names will be put in a hat and the winner determined by the luck of the draw.

BUT STAY TUNED…it is very possible that the loser will demand another recount. Bottom line, we still don’t know how the House of Delegates leadership will work out. And, we probably won’t know for several more weeks.


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