January 30, 2017

As the Virginia General Assembly enters its third week, VTCA remains actively engaged in the legislative process on behalf of its members. We are currently monitoring more than 90 pieces of legislation that could have an impact on our member’s business interests. We have identified 34 of those bills as “high priority” and are actively engaged in working to pass, defeat or amend those bills.

High priority bills include proposed legislation on: Smart Scale, P3 revisions; cooperative procurement, prevailing wage rates; practical design, best value engineering, competitive negotiation for professional services, a gas tax floor for NOVA and Hampton Roads, and a constitutional amendment to put a “lock box” on transportation funding.

A status report of those HIGH PRIORITY BILLS is attached. You can read the bill by clicking on the link (BILL NUMBER).

If you have any questions about the status of legislation, please call Jeff Southard.

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