Mileage Reimbursement Rate

January 2, 2019

As a follow up to last month’s TechLog (see below), please note that VDOT has published their 2019 Mileage Reimbursement Rate for Vehicles Used on Construction Engineering Inspection Contracts. (See here.)  As the memo states, these rates were derived from the IRS Notice 2019-02, and at its discretion, the Department may periodically evaluate and adjust these rates for consistency with industry standards.

Please forward this message to your firm’s contract managers and accountants, as necessary.

VTCA TechLog – A Briefing of Current Technical Issues 
December 5, 2018

Engineering Community,

Please note that VDOT has published their 2019 Hourly Pay Rate Limitations for Consultant Construction Engineering and Inspection (CEI) Services. (See here.)  For all CEI RFPs advertised after January 1, 2019, the rates in this attachment will be in effect until December 31, 2019, or further notice.  As noted in the memo, any questions regarding rate escalations should be directed towards the VDOT APD Division.

Once the 2019 Standard Mileage Rate is published by the IRS, and VDOT issues a memorandum, we will forward it to you.


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