VDOT Issues COVID-19 Asphalt and Other Materials Delivery Ticket Guidance

April 3, 2020

Asphalt weigh tickets will no longer be collected directly from truck drivers. The inspector will be required to document arrival time and discharge time for each asphalt truck as it arrives on site. The temperature of the mix will be checked and recorded as specified in Section 315 and in the VDOT Manual of Instructions Section 501.02(a). At the end of each work shift, the weighperson will be required to send over a .pdf copy of all tickets (in addition to the TL102). Asphalt producers will be required to keep hard copy records of their tickets consistent with project records retention policy but will not be required to submit paper tickets to VDOT. Upon receipt of ticketing documentation the inspector will reconcile their field notes with the tickets to ensure that all batched loads arrived on site and to capture tonnage for payment.

Aggregate & Other Deliveries

Tickets and TL-102 forms for all other products do not need to be collected in the field by a VDOT inspector.  However, VDOT still requires hard copy materials tickets and TL-102 forms to process payments on installed materials. The hard copy ticket and TL-102 form delivery method will need to be established between the supplier, customer and VDOT inspector on a project by project basis.  If requested by any party the vendor’s representative may log the delivery recipient’s name on the signature line as the receiver of the delivery.

This guidance is effective immediately through June 10, 2020 unless the situation otherwise dictates.

Charles A. Babish, P.E.
State Materials Engineer | Virginia Department of Transportation |


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