VDOT Publishes New Requirements for Use of Portable Temporary Rumble Strips

May 24, 2018

VDOT’s Traffic Engineering published a new IIM requiring the use of portable temporary rumble strips immediately for state forces and on contracts advertised after January 2019 for contractors on intermediate-term stationary work operations on two-lane and multi-lane roadways. The IIM details the effective dates of the requirement for state forces, design bid build contracts, land use permits and design build contracts on page 2.  Since the IIM does not address methods of payment it is unclear if the Department intends to follow the existing specification allowing for payment per each or if the rumble strips will be expected to be included in the MOT lump sum.  VTCA has inquired with the Department seeking clarification of their intent.

The IIM is available on VDOT’s website at: http://www.virginiadot.org/business/resources/IIM/TE-386_USE_OF_PTRS.pdf

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