VDOT Releases Updated Draft IIM for Portable Temporary Rumble Strips

August 21, 2018

VDOT has released for industry comment IIM-TE-386.1 Portable Temporary Rumble Strips.  Originally released on May 24th (TechLog 5/24), the IIM was promptly withdrawn by VDOT following VTCA’s request for additional industry engagement.  The new draft IIM is now available for review and comments.  Please submit your written comments and/or question to me no later than September 7th.  VTCA’s Contractor Leadership Committee (CLC) is reviewing the document and will engage VDOT as needed to ensure the requirements are clear and can be safely and effectively implemented.   Download IIM-TE-386.1

VDOT Materials Division Announces Strategic Plan for VDOT Asphalt Mix Quality Specifications

VDOT’s Materials Division recently met with VTCA, VAA and ODHCA to discuss the Department’s recently announced strategic plan to move the current asphalt mix quality specifications which are prescriptive in nature, to performance based specifications.  The Department has assured the industry of their role in the development of the details of the 3-5 year implementation plan.  We will continue to work closely with VDOT’s Materials Division in the development of the Department’s shift to performance based specifications in asphalt mixes and update the membership as details evolve.

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