February 6, 2018

Although early in the session, VTCA has been successful in advancing several pieces of legislation that we support on behalf of our members:

  • HB 1525 (Yancey): Limits the use of cellphones in work zones, passed out of the Courts of Justice subcommittee 7-0, and now goes onto the full Committee.
  • HJ 41 (LaRock): The Constitutional “lockbox” amendment which would limit the ability of the General Assembly to use transportation money for non-transportation purposed passed the Privileges and Elections Commitee 22-0.

In addition, several pieces of legislation that VTCA opposes, have been killed:

  • HB 725 (Plum): This bill would have changed the definition of SWAM businesses, denying many of our members the opportunity to qualify as a SWAM business. That bill was defeated.
  • HB 1070 (Heretick): This bill would have imposed additional burdens on P3 projects. It was defeated.
  • SB 241 (Marsden): would have imposed an additional burden on highway contractors to use “local” labor forces. The bill was defeated.

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