VTCA Spring Conference 2016

January 10, 2016

Thursday Breakout Sessions

VTCA 2015 Contractor Safety Awards
VTCA and Scott Insurance, Presentation PDF
VDOT Chief Engineer’s Briefing
Garrett W. Moore, PE, Chief Engineer, VDOT, Presentation PDF
Environmental RegulatoryUodate
Christy Brabham, President, Compliance Centre, Presentation PDF
VDOT Construction Division Report
Patrick O’Leary, PE, Assistant State Construction Engineer, VDOT, Presentation PDF
Structural Integrity
John Martin, PE, Engineering Manager, Applied Technical Services, Presentation PDF
Community Outreach Update
Sarah Huddle, President, Albright Group, Presentation PDF
VDOT Consultant Engineering Procurement Program
Jeff Rodgers, VCO, Director, Consultant Procurement Office, VDOT, Presentation PDF
Bridge Inspection – Construction Review and Inspector Training
Kendal Walus, PE, State Structure & Bridge Engineer, VDOT, Presentation PDF
Minimizing Cost & Schedule Overruns on Transportation Projects
Sagar Khadka, CCP, PSP, DRMP, Director, Project Risk Management, MBP and Michael Prezioso, III, PE, CCM, Senior Vice President, MBP, Presentation PDF
Recent Changes in Fall Protection
Bruce Simms, PE, Division Director, ITAC Fall Protection Services, Presentation PDF
Design-Build Program Updates
Shailendra Patel, PE, DBIA, Director, Alternate Project Delivery Office, VDOT, Presentation PDF

Friday Breakout Sessions

VDOT Construction & Engineering Directorate Program Report
Kerry Bates, PE, State Construction Engineer; Andy Babish, PE, State Materials Engineer; Ray Khoury, PE, State Traffic Engineer; Kendal Walus, PE, State Structure & Bridge Engineer; Bart Thrasher, PE, State Location & Design Engineer; Ed Wallingford, Assistant Environmental Division Director, Presentation PDF
Project Showcae: Route 29 and Linton Hall Interchange
Michael Trabucco, PE, Senior Project Engineer, Shirley Contracting Co., Presentation PDF
Weld Fume Solutions
Susan Anderson, Safety Product Specialist, Miller Electric Manufacturing Co., Presentation PDF
VDOT Industry Update
John Schuler, Program Manager – Soils, Aggregates and Buried Structures, VDOT, Presentation PDF
Drone Technology Applications and Regulatory Requirements
Paul Beckwith, PE, President, Navigator CS LLC, Presentation PDF
CEI Procurement and Inspector Trainee Update
Greg Henion, PE, Deputy State Construction Engineer, VDOT, Presentation PDF

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