VTCA-VDOT Consultant Forum 2016

January 10, 2016

Economic Vitality & Quality of Life – Unlocking Hampton Roads
Kevin B. Page, Executive Director, Hampton Roads Transportation Accountability Commission, Presentation PDF
A New Era of Transportation Solutions
Keith Jasper, Principal, Transportation Planning and Programming, Northern Virginia Transportation Authority, Presentation PDF
VDOT Engineering Program Briefing
Garrett Moore, PE, Chief Engineer, VDOT , Presentation PDF
Route 29 Solutions – Rio Road Intersection
Gary Johnson, PE, Director, RK&K; Ryan Gorman, PE, Design-Build Manager, Corman Construction , Presentation PDF
DC to Richmond Southeast High Speed Rail – Atlantic Gateway Update
Peter Burrus, MBA, AARS Chief of Rail, DRPT, Presentation PDF
Alternative Project Delivery Division Design-Build Program
Shailendra Patel, PE, Division Administrator, VDOT, Presentation PDF
Structure & Bridge Division Update
Kendal R. Walus, PE, State Structure & Bridge Engineer, VDOT, Presentation PDF
Transitioning the MCS Program to the Community College System
Duane Sayre, Materials Certification School Program Manager, VDOT , Presentation PDF
Augmented Reality: Current and Future Technology
Ian Millikan, PE, Assistant State Construction Engineer, VDOT; Mimi Kronisch, PE, CCM, RK&K; Grant Howerton, PE, RK&K , Presentation PDF
Virginia’s Smart Scale Prioritization Process – Implementing HB2
Chad Tucker, Assistant Division Administrator for Conceptual and Performance Based Planning, VDOT; Susan Keen, PE, Assistant State Location & Design Engineer, VDOT , Presentation PDF
Construction Division – Consultant Engineering Inspection
Kerry Bates, PE, State Construction Engineer, VDOT , Presentation PDF
Alternative Project Delivery Division – Consultant Procurement
Jeff Rodgers, Director, Consultant Procurement Office, VDOT , Presentation PDF

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