2022 Virginia Mineral Mine Safety Awards

Posted By: Rob Lanham Member and Industry News,

Virginia Energy’s Mineral Mining Program and the Virginia Transportation Construction Alliance (VTCA) are accepting applications for the annual Virginia Mineral Mine Safety Awards, a very successful program that since its inception in 2007, has recognized 112 companies and 476 mineral miners for outstanding safety achievements in Virginia’s mineral mining industry. The 476 mineral miners recognized represent a cumulative total of 11,502 years working without a lost time injury. In 2022, Virginia Energy and VTCA recognized 16 miners who represented a cumulative total of 360 years working in the mineral mining industry without a lost time injury.  
This year, Virginia Energy and VTCA will again recognize individuals reaching 15+ years without a lost time injury milestones in calendar year 2022.  Submit your nominations by June 17, 2023.
More information on how to submit miners for the Individual Employee Safety Awards can be found on Virginia Energy's Website.