The Virginia Transportation Construction Alliance (VTCA) provides financial assistance to help deserving young individuals pursuing education in college or technical education programs that may lead to the transportation construction industry. Scholarships are awarded annually. Over the years, VTCA’s members have continued to support the scholarship program through financial contributions, and serving on committees that carry out the evaluations of scholarship applicants. Since 2000, VTCA has awarded more than $450,000 in financial aid to worthy students. 

  1. Must be a citizen of the United States.   

  1. Applicants can be current employees, or dependents, of current VTCA members or VDOT. 

  1. Applicants must be completing their senior year of high school, possess a Grade Equivalent Degree (G.E.D.), or be currently enrolled in college, community college, university, or trade school in pursuit of a degree.   

  1. Minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale. 

  1. A recipient of this scholarship is eligible to re-apply in successive years if the eligibility conditions continue to be met. 

Educational Institution Requirements 

The applicant must use the scholarship award to attend a post-secondary institution of learning that requires a high school diploma or Graduate Equivalent Degree (G.E.D.) for admission. This could include any public or private: (a) four-year accredited college or university; (b) two-year accredited college; or (c) vocational-technical college or training institution. 

Amount of Scholarship 

The competitive scholarships have a value of $5,000. Three scholarships are awarded annually. 

Scholarship Award Disbursement 

The scholarship award year is defined as August 1 through July 31 of the following year.  

An application packet must be submitted annually for consideration.  

Scholarship award money will be deposited by VTCA with the university, college, or institution of higher learning to which the student is admitted, accepted, and will attend.  

The award money is credited to an account that is established in the individual’s name at the school. It can be drawn by the recipient for (a) fees or charges required for tuition; (b) expenses for textbooks, course work, lab fees, and other materials as required by a course instructor (e.g., goggles, art/drawing supplies, etc.) for required course assignments or projects; and (c) fees or charges for room and board while attending school. All uses are ultimately at the school's discretion. 

Scholarship awards are not transferable to another individual or institution and are forfeited by the recipient upon withdrawal from the institution where the scholarship award was disbursed by VTCA, or upon failure to meet the institution’s appropriate standards of academic achievement, conduct, or character.  

If the recipient is diagnosed post-award by a board-certified medical physician as having a chronic or acute illness or traumatic injury that makes it impossible for the recipient to enter or continue his or her academic studies, the scholarship award money will be held for the recipient’s academic use by VTCA for up to 12 months. A letter from the physician to the VTCA must be received within 60 days of diagnosis.  

In the event a scholarship recipient’s educational endeavors are interrupted during the scholarship award year because he or she is called to active duty under Title 10 of the United States Code or National Guard Duty in State Status, the scholarship award money will be held for the recipient by VTCA for up to 24 months, unless the time for active duty is extended by the military authority. Any scholarship award recipient leaving the U.S. Armed Services or National Guard duty must reapply for reinstatement of the scholarship money or the remaining portion of scholarship money within 90 days after severance from duty. 

Application Criteria and Supporting Materials 

Materials may be submitted through a completed application and include the following information: Applications that do not provide all the following information will not be considered.

  1. A completed and signed online application form. 

  1. A copy of the applicant’s transcript and grade report from the school currently attending or most recently attended. A minimum, cumulative academic performance of at least a 2.0 on a 4.0 scale is required for consideration. 

  1. A copy of the acceptance letter from the college, university, technical school, etc. where the applicant plans to attend. 

  1. Two letters from a teacher, school administrator, counselor, clergy, work, or military supervisor, who can address the qualifications and academic aptitude of the applicant, must be submitted in support of the candidate. Do not send letters of recommendation from immediate family members, close family friends, blood relatives, or relatives by marriage. 

  1. A typewritten essay, between 500-1000 words, prepared by the applicant that describes yourself, your interests, and career goals with any emphasis on the transportation construction industries (if applicable).  For previous scholarship recipients, please provide a reflection on how the scholarship has affected you and your family and your future educational goals. The personal statement must be updated every application year. 

  1. A recent high-resolution photo of the applicant. Electronic photos are preferred. Files must be 300 dpi or higher and in full-color JPEG, TIFF, or PDF format of less than 10MB. Hard-copy photographs are also acceptable but will not be returned. 


By applying for the VTCA Scholarship and providing copies of a personal statement and photograph, the applicant thereby grants permission for VTCA to use the statement and photographs for scholarship-related publicity and promotional purposes. 

Application Due Date 

Applications and all materials must be received by mail or electronic mail by May 10, 2024. All applications and supporting materials will become the property of the VTCA. 

Scholarship Selection & Notification  

The VTCA Scholarship Committee selects the scholarship recipients. All applicants will be notified of the results of the Scholarship Committee in writing. 

Additional Information  

Contact VTCA’s Kayla Singleton at 804.330.3312 or kayla@vtca.org.