General Assembly Convenes 2021 Session

General Assembly Updates,

Today marks the first day of a short, but no less impactful General Assembly and you need to know that VTCA is aggressively representing your interests. We are actively engaged with legislators representing the transportation construction industry on multiple bills.  These are the current bills and positions that we are closely following. We expect several other bills of interest to be introduced and will be updating you and the list regularly.

One of the biggest and most important challenges we face this session is mitigating the damaging side effects of the use of project labor agreement on public contracts. PLAs are now allowed on Virginia contracts but there is no guidance on how and where they should be used. We are currently working with several legislators to introduce a bill that would require the development and application of objective criteria identifying when and where PLAs should be used (HB 2237 – McQuinn). This bill is expected to face stiff opposition from labor unions who are now very active in Virginia politics. We will need every member’s support to ensure this bill is successful. Please pay close attention to our updates on its progress and be prepared for a call to action.

We will be updating the membership on a regular basis throughout the legislative session.