VTCA Emerging Leaders Discuss Values Based Leadership for Today’s Workplace

Member and Industry News,

  Phil Schucet speaking on successful leadership skills.

VTCA’s inaugural Emerging Leaders class held a robust discussion on Values Based Leadership with key influencers Phil Schucet (former VDOT Commissioner) and Dr. Thomas Epperson (Inner Will). 

Mr. Schucet discussed key attributes of leadership regardless of company size. Mr. Schucet served as VDOT Commissioner from 2002 to 2005 and had stints at other state DOTs in addition to private sector roles.  

His discussion with the group featured key components that make a team of any size a better team. Especially in today’s world, behavior matters. No matter the project or the role, we are dealing with teams on projects and everyone’s behavior plays into that - especially those who lead. 

The group also discussed the all-important role of communication. While many milestones are identified and hopefully reached, they all require effective communication. Communication comes in more than just one form – in person, phone only, virtual discussions, and the “new” social media. Returning phone calls and emails are a key driver in effective communication and successful relationships. 

Thomas Epperson, President of InnerWill speaking at VTCA.  

Consistency is a tried-and-true attribute of any project and team. People who are consistent become the people you rely on to execute in time of need. 

In addition, the emerging leaders heard from Dr. Thomas Epperson, President of  InnerWill Leadership Institute who has over twenty years of experience as a leadership coach, facilitator, and speaker, and regularly works with clients to help transform leaders and their organizations. 

Tom spoke on career development and how leaders continue to improve their leadership skills forever. Tom believes that leadership is a choice, not a title, and that our responsibility as leaders is to make a positive difference in the lives of those around us. Tom balances lofty expectations of himself and others with relentless optimism about the ability of individuals to make our organizations, families, and communities amazing places to live, work, and grow.  

The group spent time discussing the importance of mentors (both professional and personal) and in the end, each leader needs to develop their own professional board of directors to help guide them on their career journeys.  

Feedback from the group was incredibly positive. Even the VTCA Board Officers in attendance took home great insight.  

The next session for the emerging leaders will further VTCA’s advocacy efforts and why advocating for your industry issues is critical in today’s environment.