VTCA Political Action Committee

The Virginia Transportation Construction Alliance Political Action Committee is committed to preserving and advancing its members’ interests through political advocacy at the state and local government levels. 

Since 1979, VTCA PAC has helped to elect pro-transportation construction industry candidates across Virginia. The purpose of our PAC is simple: to raise funds and help elect candidates who understand and support our issues and interests.  

VTCA PAC is the voice for Virginia's transportation construction industry, and your contribution enables us to advocate for you. During the last election cycle, 87% of VTCA PAC-supported candidates were elected in Virginia.

Over the past ten years, VTCA PAC has grown by leaps and bounds, as have our advocacy accomplishments. Many special interest groups spend millions of dollars lobbying the legislature for their political agenda. It is critical that we protect our businesses from these special interest groups who seek to impose threats such as cutting transportation construction funding, unnecessary procurement requirements , and a myriad of costly mandates. Through united action, we can fight back, stand strong, and succeed together.

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Our continued success depends on the financial strength of VTCA PAC. Consider your business or personal contribution as a form of business insurance. You are making an investment to ensure the election of candidates who will help protect our industry. Remember, your freedom to do business depends on our continued ability to advocate for your issues.

*Contributions to VTCA PAC are voluntary and are used for political purposes. Contributions are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. 

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