DEQ Revising Stormwater Guidance in Response to Public Comments

On August 1, DEQ published a public notice and comment period of two stormwater related guidance documents: Guidance Memo No. 22-2011, Streamlined Plan Review for Construction Stormwater Plans and Erosion and Sediment Control Plans, and Guidance Memo No. 22-2012, Stormwater Management and Erosion & Sediment Control Design Guide.

DEQ received a significant number of public comments on these documents. Many legitimate and thoughtful comments were received that suggest changes and/or edits. DEQ is working to incorporate a number of these suggestions and revise the guidance documents. However, in order to modify these documents and incorporate public comments, DEQ must first withdraw the original proposals. 

Virginia Regulatory Town Hall was updated Friday to reflect withdrawal of these guidance documents. This does not mean that DEQ intends to retract its guidance for streamlining plan review and providing a design guide. It simply means that DEQ is following the process to modify its proposals. Once changes to reflect the public comments received to date have been incorporated, DEQ will re-advertise the revised documents for another 30-day comment period.

Please contact Andrew Hammond at or 804-698-4101 if you have any questions.