Smoke Schools


About the Course

The VTCA Smoke Schools are designed to produce qualified observers who can make plume opacity determinations that are accurate and minimally affected by variable field conditions.

Smoke schools will be conducted in accordance with EPA Reference Method 9, offering attendees who meet the qualification requirements with official certification to conduct visible emissions evaluations.  This training meets or exceeds EPA requirements, and the requirements of each State environmental agency, including Virginia.  The certificates are valid nationwide.

The workshop consists of an optional online half day classroom lecture and a half day Method 9 field-testing and certification.  The online classroom portion is a self-paced lecture that will take about two hours and needs to be completed prior to the field session.  Participants will be emailed a link to the classroom  lecture after you sign up for the training.

Attendees will take the Method 9 certification field test and earn a certificate in one day.  EPA recommends the lecture for all new attendees.  You are required to retake the field test every six months to maintain Method 9 certification.  Also, each participant will be required to bring their own clipboard and pen for testing purposes.

Each test consists of opacity readings of 25 white plumes and 25 black plumes.  Attendees will know the fundamentals required for reading opacity before each portion of the test.  Testing methods and equipment meet or exceed EPA requirements.

Please contact VTCA’s Dana Morris or Rob Lanham with questions. 

Cancellation Policy
VTCA reserves the right to cancel this course due to low attendance. We will be unable to accommodate refunds for cancellations within two weeks of the class you are attendingSubstitutions will be accepted within three business days of the class.   

 Please review the VTCA Code of Conduct Policy.  By attending this event you are agreeing to the policy.

Registration Fees

Online Class & Field Session

VTCA Member - $299.00
Non-Members - $330.00

Field Session Only

VTCA Member - $280.00
Non-Members - $295.00

Registration Deadline: 
August 19, 2024