Contractor Leadership and Engineering Leadership Committees Welcome New Members 

Member and Industry News,

Contractor Leadership 

The CLC is pleased to welcome three new industry leaders to the Committee.  Beginning their three-year terms this month are Jessica Colbert, Allan Myers; Kevin Cook, Brayman Construction; and Eric Preisendanz, Shirley Contracting.  The committee will be led by Nate Orders, Orders Construction (Chair) and Ryan Terry, Branscome (Vice-Chair). 
We extend our deepest thanks for their service to outgoing CLC members Tom Heil, Allan Myers, Jerry Whitlock, Wagman Heavy Civil, and Chuck Smith, Shirley Contracting Company.    
The full Contractor Leadership Committee for 2022-23 includes:  

  • Nate Orders, Orders Construction Company 
  • Ryan Terry, Branscome, Inc. 
  • Mike Colbert, Branch Civil, Inc. 
  • Carter Dabney, Slurry Pavers, Inc. 
  • Jud Dalton, W.C. English 
  • Brian Conrad, Lee Hy Paving 
  • Gretchen Ostroff, Dragados USA 
  • Jason Tracy, Tavares Concrete 
  • Jessica Colbert, Allan Myers 
  • Kevin Cook, Brayman Construction 
  • Eric Preisendanz, Shirley Contracting 

Emerging Leaders: 

  • John Alexander, Shirley Contracting 
  • Melissa Dunham, Branscome , Inc.
  • Melissa Sowers, Branch Civil, Inc.   

Engineering Consultant Leadership 

Three new members will be joining the Engineering Consultant Leadership Committee this month. Newly appointed to serve three-year terms on the ECLC are Erin Donovan, T3 Design; Francisco Klein, Klein Engineering; Kirsten Tynch, VHB
The committee will be led by Brian McPeters, Kimley-Horn (Chair) and Brennan Collier, ATCS, PLC (Vice-Chair). 
VTCA thanks Keith Weakley, Volkert; Beth Quinn, Quinn Consulting Services; and Julie Hartman, Stantec Consulting Services; for their service on the ECLC. 
The full 2022-23 Engineering Consultant Leadership Committee includes:  

  • Brian McPeters, Kimley-Horn 
  • Billy Badger, A. Morton Thomas and Associates 
  • Zachary Weddle, Summit Design & Engineering Services 
  • Randy Wirt, ECS Mid-Atlantic 
  • Brennan Collier, ATCS, PLC 
  • Kathleen Linehan, Alpha Corporation 
  • Erin Donovan, T3 Design 
  • Francisco Klein, Klein Engineering  
  • Kirsten Tynch, VHB 

Emerging Leaders: 

  • Stephen Holland, Kimley-Horn 
  • Ashley Johnson, Timmons Group 
  • Josh Lawrence, MBP