2022 Mineral Mining Safety & Reclamation Awards

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  Holcim-Mar, Inc - Open Pit - 9,449 Hours
  E. Dillon & Company - Quarry - 116,105 Hours
  Luck Stone Coporation - Quarry - 69,715 Hours
  Martin Marietta - Reclamation - Honorable Mention
  Virginia Vermiculite - Open Pit - 51,191 Hours

Mineral Mining and the Virginia Transportation Construction Alliance (VTCA) sponsor the annual Virginia Mineral Mine Safety Awards. Since its inception in 2007, the program has recognized 96 companies and 397 mineral miners for outstanding safety achievements in Virginia’s mineral mining industry.

Mineral Mining and VTCA also jointly sponsor an annual mined land reclamation awards program. Mine operations that have performed exemplary or innovative reclamation of lands previously disturbed for mining, are nominated by their respective mine inspectors for awards in quarry and non-quarry categories. Operations that win the overall state award go on to compete with mining operations from other states for national awards. Virginia mining operations have been awarded numerous national reclamation awards. Our operations are considered to be leaders in returning mined land to productive uses.

In 2022, Virginia Energy’s Mineral Mining Program recorded 71,347,028 tons of non-fuel minerals production in the Commonwealth. This impressive production was carried out by 2,878 miners working 4,895,559 hours.

Virginia’s mineral mining industry is receiving recognition for an exemplary safety record in 2022. Eight companies recorded nearly 350,000 production hours without injuries. Virginia Energy and the Virginia Transportation and Construction Alliance (VTCA) award mines and miners annually for ensuring a safe work environment for the Commonwealth’s miners.


  • BWI Abingdon, LLC – BWI Abingdon – 12 employees - 23,434 hours 
  • Salem Stone Corporation – Acco Stone Co. – 17 employees - 43,500 hours
  • Luck Stone Corporation – Bull Run Plant – 42 employees - 69,715 hours
  • E. Dillon & Company – Swords Creek Plant – 42 employees - 116,105 hours

Open Pit:

  • Shenandoah Asphalt, Inc. – Shenandoah Stone – two employees – 4,600 hours
  • Holcim-Mar, Inc. – Charles City Plant – five employees – 9,449 hours
  • King William Sand & Gravel – King William Sand & Gravel - 11 employees – 25,345 hours
  • Virginia Vermiculite, LLC. – R.E. Samsom Mine – 28 employees – 51,191 hours

Two VTCA Members were also recognized with Honorable Mention Awards for reclamation.


  • Martin Marietta – Doswell Plant – Doswell, VA


  • Walker Sand & Stone – Mine #1 – Westmoreland Co., VA

VTCA Members are bolded.

Awards were presented to most of the recipients at VTCA’s Annual Meeting in Lansdowne, VA earlier this month.

Congratulations to all this year’s winners!