ARTBA and VTCA Submit Comments on Davis-Bacon and Related Acts Regulations

Member and Industry News,

ARTBA submitted May 17 comments to the U.S. Department of Labor opposing several provisions of its proposed expansion in Davis-Bacon coverage. The law requires use of local prevailing wage rates for personnel on federal-aid construction projects. The department published its proposed changes on March 18.

ARTBA and VTCA expressed concern over several aspects of DOL’s proposal, including expansion of Davis-Bacon coverage to offsite personnel like fabricators and drivers, as well as certain flaggers and surveyors; requiring that contractors use wage rates effective at the time a project’s contract is extended or amended, thus imposing the risk of costs unforeseen at the time of initial procurement; mandating prime contractor liability for Davis-Bacon violations by its subcontractors; the importance of maximizing contractor participation in wage rate surveys; and the limited ability of smaller industry firms to assess and comply with DOL’s extensive proposed Davis-Bacon revisions.

VTCA's Gordon Dixon and Tom Witt worked in a task force of interested contractor members and chapter representatives to help craft its comments. 

You can read the comments here.