In Memoriam: Fred Dabney

Member and Industry News,

Frederick Montague Dabney, 86, of Richmond, Va., died peacefully in his home on December 13, with his wife, Cary Dabney, by his side.

In the late 1960s, Fred acquired an ownership interest in Slurry Pavers. At that time, Slurry Pavers had one paving truck. He would sell slurry seal in the winter and run the paver in the summer. Despite only having one truck, Fred had big plans to create a successful company. He had a unique ability to recognize special talent. He guided many long-time employees who were like family to him, including the late Phil Tarsovich. Through the leadership and vision of Fred and Phil, Slurry Pavers experienced significant growth and became a leader in the Pavement Preservation industry. More than the company's success, it was the friendships Fred made and the success of his employees that meant the most to him.

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