Kyanite Mining Corporation Featured on Virginia Home Grown

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VTCA Aggregate Producer Members represent 90% of all the metal/nonmetal mining in Virginia, so it is not often that VTCA gets a new Aggregate Producer Member. In February, Kyanite Mining Corporation joined VTCA as an Aggregate Producer member. They mine kyanite which is a mineral that can be used in monolithics/castables, cordierite/mullite bricks, pre-cast shapes, foundry mold coatings and washes, kiln furniture, tiles, brake shoes, grinding wheels, ceramic parts, pottery, sanitaryware, ovenware, and more. 

Recently, Kyanite Mining Corporation was featured on the VPM/PBS program Virginia Home Grown’s Land Management episode that first aired on April 25. Virginia Home Grown is a live program exploring the delights and challenges of gardening and growing in Virginia and features interviews with experts and enthusiasts from around the state. 

In the land management episode, Virginia Home Grown’s Peggy Singlemann visits Kyanite Mining in Dillwyn. Guy Dixon and John Snoddy explain the company’s industry-leading approach to environmental stewardship. 

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