MSHA Free Law Seminar Registration Open!

Member and Industry News,

The Virginia Department of Energy presents its mine safety and health law seminar focusing on federal (MSHA) and Virginia state laws governing the mineral mining (metal/nonmetal) industry on June 21-23, 2022.

The intent of the seminar:

In order to achieve safe and compliant mine operations, it is necessary for mine operators and contractors to have a basic understanding of the laws that apply to their activities. This seminar will provide the resource materials, and a review of those materials, to aid the industry in achieving its goals in safety and compliance.

The Specifics:

There will be an introduction to the Federal Mine Safety and Health Act of 1977 (The Act) and the MINER Act of 2006, 30 CFR, the MSHA Program Policy Manual (PPM), and Virginia law. Class review and group exercises will provide a working knowledge of, and the ability to use, these publications. Other resources and materials will be provided and reviewed to promote a wider understanding of the subject matter including a stroll through the MSHA website. Guest speakers will present a unique knowledge and view of the subject matter.

The Results:

Participants will come away with a working knowledge of federal and Virginia state law, as well as an understanding of how to achieve compliance. They will know how to access the information needed to make decisions that will result in a safe and compliant workplace.

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