Stone, Sand & Gravel Opioid Hazard Awareness Training

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University Massachusetts – Lowell has developed a free innovative opioid hazard awareness training module designed for sand and gravel workers. It fits the requirements of the MSHA Part 46 Health and Safety Refresher Training “Health” section. The 45-minute module comes in two formats for instructor-led training.

The first format includes PowerPoint Slides, a Facilitators’ Guide with slide-by-slide instructions, and a Participant’s Handout.

The second format is a fully-narrated opioid hazard awareness training.

Instructors can direct trainees to complete the module on their own, or it can be used in virtual or in-person training for groups. The module includes interactive questions to stimulate discussion. While the module is playing, the instructor is still actively involved by monitoring the trainees’ progress through the module and engaging the trainees in the content.

More info on this program can be found here - Opioid Hazard Awareness | CPH-NEW | Research | UMass Lowell (

To get the training module, PowerPoint slides, Facilitators' Guide, and the Participant Handout, or if you have questions, please email Cora Roelofs.