Uniting in Support of Key Bridge Collapse Victims

Member and Industry News,

In light of the recent Key Bridge collapse, our industry and surrounding communities face a challenging time as we come together to support those affected by this tragic event. As we stand in solidarity with our neighbors in their time of need, it's imperative that we rally together to offer assistance and support in any way possible.

Here are some ways our community can come together to help those impacted by the Key Bridge collapse:

  • Donate to Relief Efforts: Consider making a financial contribution to established relief funds or organizations such as Construction Angels, which provides immediate financial assistance and grief counseling to the children and spouse left behind when a construction worker is involved in a work-related fatality.
    • Construction Angels: Visit their website to donate directly or learn more about their mission

Francis Scott Key Bridge Accident

    • Participate in the Crusher Run 5K: The Crusher Run 5K, organized by Martin Marietta's Texas Quarry in conjunction with the Maryland Transportation Builders & Materials Association and Gray & Son, is an opportunity to come together as a community sharing the beauty of the Texas Quarry and a passion for racing while supporting two important charities.
      • Crusher Run 5K: Register for the race or make a donation to support relief efforts

    Crusher Run 5K

    We commend the collaborative efforts of member companies Skanska, Kokosing Construction Co., Inc., and McLean Contracting Company along with Maryland Transportation Authority and other state partners in assisting with the recovery process. Your expertise and dedication are invaluable. 

    In times of crisis, the strength of our community shines brightest as we come together to support and uplift one another. Let us unite in compassion, generosity, and solidarity as we work towards rebuilding and restoring hope for those impacted by the Key Bridge collapse.