VDOT Releases the PQT (Pre-Quantity Tool) and SPECC (Similar Project Estimates by Cost Category)

Member and Industry News,

VDOT's Cost Estimation Office is excited to announce the release of both the PQT (Pre-Quantity Tool) and SPECC (Similar Project Estimates by Cost Category). Upon clearly hearing and understanding the greatest needs of our estimating community and after significant dedication and hard work, the team is proud to have developed and delivered several resources that bring you innovative features, enhanced performance, and a better user experience.  A brief description of both PQT and SPECC can be found below.

What is PQT TOOL?

PQT is a major quantity tool (MQT) intended for developing estimates in the following situations:

  • Based on limited project definition and quantities, when project definition is 0-30%.
  • The purpose of the Tool is to help identify major cost items.
  • The Tool summarizes project cost per phase (PE, RW, CN)
  • The Tool summarizes project costs per discipline within the construction phase (MOT, Roadway, Hydraulics, etc.)
  • Tool is consistent with the VDOT Cost Estimating Manual in the definition of defined costs, allowances, and risk-based contingencies.


SPECC (Similar Project Estimates by Cost Category) is a searchable archive of infrastructure bid tabulations that have been awarded by the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), bringing relevant and useful “similar project” information to estimators, quickly and easily. 

  • SPECC will enable the user to retrieve project information of historical projects that are "analogous" to a proposed new project.
  • The user will open the resource and select from a variety of predefined filters. These filters will include criteria such as project type, location, roadway classification among others. It includes other relevant and useful project information, all cost statistics are derived from the successful contractor’s low bid (non-indexed) and are based on an aggregation of VDOT’s Item Codes in accordance with VDOT’s AASHTOWare Project PreconstructionTM Manual, Appendix B – Item Code Index.
  • This archive contains both Construction and Maintenance related projects. This archive does not contain maintenance schedule projects, On-Call projects (that are not location specific) (Bridge Painting, Guardrail Hits, Pavement Patching/Repair, Bridge Maintenance, etc.).

To start using the tool, user guide and resource, you can download or access them here. They have been made available externally, with full functionality, for all who are working to develop estimates for VDOT funded or administered jobs. If you have any questions or need assistance, our team is here to help. You can reach them at PQT@VDOT.Virginia.gov or SPECC@VDOT.Virginia.gov, respectively.