VTCA’s Kevin McGhee Named to Serve on the Airfield Pavement Technology Program – Project Coordinatio

Member and Industry News,

VTCA is pleased to announce that NSSGA's Engineering and Technical Committee (E&T) has officially appointed VTCA’s own – Kevin McGhee to the Airfield Pavement Technology Program – Project Coordination Group (APTP PCG) as a representative of the aggregate industry. Hadi Rashidi, NSSGA Director of Engineering & Technology, stated, “We are incredibly grateful to have someone with [McGhee’s] extensive research experience taking on this important role. I have no doubt that his contributions will greatly benefit the committee and help resolve some of the technical challenges facing the aggregate industry through research. Kevin’s insights and knowledge will be invaluable as we work together to identify the research priorities and present them to the PCG”.

The APTP is a Cooperative Agreement effort between NAPA and FAA established to advance multiple focus areas involving asphalt, pavements, and associated asphalt materials. The focus of this effort is not on inventing the next "big thing," but rather advancing 21st-century solutions for asphalt pavement design, construction, and materials deemed important to airfield reliability, efficiency, and safety with the overarching goal to keep America moving forward.

The PCG leads the coordination efforts between FAA and industry to implement technologies and to solve problems identified through the program as important.

Kevin’s extensive background in pavements and research will bring value to this group, and his charge of focusing on the role of aggregates in airfield pavements will ensure that the full benefit of aggregates is considered when the PCG implements technologies to solve airfield pavement concerns.