Rockin’ PD Quarry Tours "Rock On!"

Member and Industry News,

  E. Dillon Rockin' PD Quarry Tour
  Charles W. Barger & Son Rockin' PD Quarry Tour

VTCA Aggregate Producers are at it once again! We are hosting a series of Quarry Tours designed for educational professionals. Through the tours, teachers earn professional development credits while learning the importance of Virginia’s Aggregate Industry. Assisting with this year’s tours has been geologists from Virginia Energy’s Geology Program.

Two of this year’s four Rockin’ PD Quarry Tours have been completed. June 23 we were at E. Dillon & Co. in Swords Creek, VA and on June 30 we visited Charles W. Barger & Son’s quarry in Lexington, VA. Both members offered fantastic and in-depth tours of their operations and explained in detail their operations, products markets, and contributions to the community.

VAST is working diligently to increase participation for both the Vulcan – Dale Quarry and Luck Stone – Bull Run Quarry tours on July 21 and 28 respectively.