Workforce Solutions Efforts Continue to Evolve...and Succeed!

Member and Industry News,

Following a robust workforce solutions discussion at the VTCA annual conference last month, VTCA’s workforce development task force has initiated a resource list of solutions for members looking to address the problem. 

While not new, VTCA’s plan is to break the issue into short-term and long-term efforts.  As with a lot of things construction, if there is a will and several smart people, there will be a way to better the environment. 

VTCA’s Board of Directors has implemented a new workforce development effort through a Workforce Development Task Force. The goal is to try to unite the many diverse and successful transportation design and construction workforce development efforts. Many of these programs are extremely innovative and effective, yet often operate in isolation, without awareness, or coordination with other efforts. 

VTCA again co-sponsored Virginia State University’s Summer Transportation Infrastructure Program which provides awareness and opportunities to upper-level high school students. 

VSU Summer Transportation Infrastructure Program Graduates

VTCA is co-partnering with other construction trade associations and the Virginia Community College system to offer a pilot Virginia Infrastructure Academy which will be announced in mid-August. The effort will be short-term credentials that are needed in the construction industry today and can be offered at all Community Colleges in the near future.  

The private sector will come online in the coming months where VTCA will partner with others in the industry to show transportation careers are as exciting and fun as we think they are.  

Members of the task force said a growing need is to have aggregated resources to know what is happening in the community.  The list of events and sources will change over time – if you have found a helpful resource and are willing to share, please email Kayla Singleton with any information.  

Upcoming Workforce Development efforts:

  • August 11: Virginia Infrastructure Academy Grant Announcement - Paul D. Camp Community College 
  • August 22-26: Girls in Transportation Camp - Upcoming Transportation YOU Events | WTS
  • October 20: VTCA Board Retreat - VA Tech
  • October 26-27: Regional Middle School Career Fair (12,000 students) - Mission Tomorrow - Richmond Raceway Complex   

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